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The purpose of the Bureau of Code Enforcement is to manage the growth and maintenance of the built environment within the City of Augusta through the application of standards adopted for the safety and welfare of its citizens and businesses.

Our mission is to manage growth and enhance the quality of Augusta's built environment. Through the application of adopted standards, we ensure the safety and welfare of our citizens and businesses.

At the Bureau, we're dedicated to maintaining high construction and development standards, while fostering a thriving and safe community. Our team works tirelessly to enforce regulations, inspect properties, and promote compliance with codes designed to protect.

From ensuring buildings meet safety standards to managing development projects with care and precision, we're here to support the growth and improvement of Augusta!

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Bureau staff inspects new construction and renovation of residential and commercial properties for compliance and enforces City ordinances. Typically, the Bureau issues five-hundred building permits and six-hundred plumbing/septic permits annually, as well as conducts more than 2,700 inspections.

Sign Permits and Building Permits for residential and commercial construction can now be submitted via our online Citizen Permit Portal. 

This summary report of the City of Augusta, Code Enforcement Building Permit database, is in ledger format and one page is on two pages to get all information for that particular item. You can use the "Find" feature to search for items (edit on the top left and then select find): examples: by address, map and lot #, or other choices.

Note: Demolition and Earth Fill Permits are towards the top of this report (see category). Most, but not all permits are listed in this summary. The report is in permit number order. Once you find those items, you then can email to get more details on a building permit, etc.  


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What can I use as fencing material?

Where can I place my fence in relation to the property line?

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